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The quatermass experiment


This was a live broadcast sci fi thing which means more to an older generation that it did to me anyway. Live TV is a scary thing, live drama even worse, however things were pretty smooth, a couple of line interruptions and David Tennant almost bailing down a corridor.


Lucy played Janet. She was on TV for about three minutes and her boyfriend was savaged by the monster that was turning people inside out (like a really bad buffy monster)


The Stepfather


Lucy plays Scarlett, in this drama where we’re not sure who to trust. Do we trust the step dad who’s own daughter went missing, do we trust Scarlett’s real dad or is she more to him than just Daddy’s girl. Do we trust the cocky best friend, or the quiet boyfriend? What about Scarlett herself, has she orchestrated the whole thing just to mess up thing between her mum and her stepfather


This started off as quite a good drama, good characters and relationships. There’s a great twist with her father (Robert Bathurst) can we really trust him. But the last hour of it was rubbish. It just got silly, with stuff that made everyone feel uncomfortable and stupid.

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