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Queer as folk was a channel four drama about Manchesters Gay scene. It caused much controversy and has gone down as a groundbreaking drama.

One of it’s many storylines is about Nathan a 15 year old schoolboy discovering Manchester’s exciting gay village.


Carla plays Donna. Nathan’s best friend. She’s a sparky 15 year old who sort of fancies Nathan but revels in the fact she knows Nathan’s secret. She’s supportive and yet neglected when Nathan finds his new life. She’s really funny and yet there’s a lot of tragedy surrounding her character.


On the QAF DVD commentary the writer and other cast members talk about how great, clever and talented Carla is.


As far as early TV career moves go it’s a great start. It’s a shame she wasn’t in Queer as Folk 2.

On the Shore of the Wide World

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