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Jemima - reviews
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The Famous Five
Set on 1930's English moors, beaches and seaside towns four cousins and a dog solve mysteries and stop bad people, and all in time for tea and ginger beer.
Don't get me wrong, i LOVE the famous five books, the '79 series, the musical (yes there is one...) and this series.
Jemima made the perfect George - the hair, the pout, the boyishness... brilliant. Get the videos (usually available to loan from the children section of the library.) and enjoy.

The Railway children

The Passion
is about a village who anually perform the Passion plays (Bible stories - ending with the crucifixion at easter) The cast - made up of various villagers have no one to play jesus and so a sum of money is collected together for them to employ an actor to play Jesus. Cue Paul Nicholls as Daniel, a young attractive actor who's appearance in the village causes great unsettlement especially with the costume mistress Ellie, wife and mother of two. They begin a peculiar affair.
Jemima plays Alice, Ellie's youngest child. she's about 15, doing her GCSE's early and is quite shy about growing up. It's possible that her character goes through the greatest change in this drama.
She grows immensly having to cover for her mother's absence and try to understand why her mother acted like she did. Her defences increase and her loyalties change. Alice is more than a supporting role, she is really important to the narrative and main character realtionships and fortunatley with Jemima Rooper in the role, the scenes and emotions were met with great talent.


Love in a Cold Climate

As If

'As If' was a drama centred around 6 students, their loves and lives. Each episode concentrated on a different characters point of view of life, with snazzy crash zoom shots and funky music.


Jemima played Nikki, a sexy streetwise girl with a habit of letting men fall in love with her. Which usually leads to trouble. Jemima finally got to play someone sassy and the same age as her. She shines in the role in a show, that many condemned as fluff.

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