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Jessica - review
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Muppet's Christmas Carol
Scrooge is visited by three spirits encouraging him to give up hi miserly ways. An all singing version of A Classic Novel - told with the unusual edge that the muppets possess. With Michael Caine as Scrooge and Kermit the frog as Bob Cratchitt.
I LOVE this film. Jessica is the voice of the ghost of Christmas past and though we're not sure of her age she sounds quite young. It's really sweet performance. Shame it's only her voice though.


The Phoenix and the Carpet
Four children, fresh from adventures with the Psammead have new adventures with a phoenix egg they find wrapped up in an old carpet.
One of those Sunday tea time kids drama's that we all look back on with nostalgia - the kind that fizzled out after 2001. It's victorian england and the four brothers and sisters all get on and the only real concern is will they get back in time for tea? They all have nicknames and are lovely! Jessica plays Anthea (or panther) and is the eldest girl who is responsible for the littlest girl -as they always are in these novels. Jessica proves she's a good actress, even in this golly gosh' type drama.

the Worst Witch
Dramatised for the books of Jill Murphy The Worst Witch follows Mildred Hubble and her friends in various adventures at Miss Cackles Academy.
As we don't really recall much about this show there are two excellent links provided if you wish to delve further.
Enid (Jessica Fox) transfers to Cackle's after the half-term break. The shy and reserved new girl turns out to be quite a handful. Her devilish character creates friction with Maud (Emma Brown) but the two put their differences aside and form a trio with Mildred(Georgine Sherington)

Enid is wild and mischievous and tends to not think of the outcome of her actions or who may get in trouble. Mildred is often the victim of her spontaneity, and having her own reputation to deal with, doesn't always appreciate the consequences. Enid proves to be a loyal friend though, and calms down after a few months at Cackle's.

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Back home


is a dramatization of a novel of the same name. Sarah Lancashire plays – Dickinson who’s daughter Rusty was sent to America during the war and has been sent back to post war England and tries to adjust to a life she’s not used to. It’s a good story about mother – daughter relationships.


Jessica proves to be a very credible young actress in a much coveted role. There are some great scenes in the drama. Well worth watching.

The Forsyte Saga

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