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Adam Paul Harvey
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Name: Adam Paul Harvey

Dob: 07.07.1984

Age now: 22



Adam  was born 7 July 1984. He first came to the TYA's attention in Bedtime - the second series of Andy Hamilton's Comedy Drama. He landed the role of Nathan in Where the Heart is and soon after as Russell in Girls in Love. He then starred in Where the Heart is Christmas special and it's most recent series. He is about to be seen in the second series of Girls in Love.
                 Radio credits include 'The Rotter's club' in which he played the best mate of James Bradshaw's main character.
'The perfectly judged performance of Adam Paul Harvey, who plays Tom Brake, beautifully captures the endless embarrassments and squirmishes of being a teenager, and deserves singling out'  New Statesman,  Feb 4, 2002  by Johann Hari

Adam's agent

1 Blythe Road, London W14 0HG
Telephone: 020-7348 4850
Fax: 020-7348 4851

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