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Florence - review
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The Haunting of Helen Walker
Helen Walker applies for a job as a governess looking after two children in a house in the country. She's been looking after children all her life so she's prepared - or is she. There's strange goings on in the house. The last governess commited suicide and a man Peter Quint died too. Her room has been kept the same and is the housekeeper all she seems? The odd goings on - sitings and strange music seems to be centered around the children.
Florence is amazing as Flora. The sister of Miles (played by Aled Roberts) she isn't very old and therefore she seems so sweet and yet you know there is something more malevolent about the way she looks at Miles and Helen. It's a really great part and when it's well cast, it's a fantastic part. For Florence at 10 years old to give such a performance really shows talent.


Fairy tale a true story is a beautiful film. It’s based the real life story of two girls who claimed to have fairies at the top of their garden, which they managed to take photos of.


Florence Hoath and Elizabeth Earl play Elsie Wright and Frances Griffiths

Elsie lives in Yorkshire with her mum (Pheobe Nicholls) and dad (Paul McGann) and her cousin Frances comes to stay while her dad is away at war. Elsie teaches her all about the fairies, what their names are, what they eat and how to summon them. When Mr Wright gets a camera the girls take pictures and become very famous. So famous they are taken to London to meet Harry Houdini and Arthur Conan Doyle. In real life these photo’s fooled everyone, in the film, the fairies are disturbed by everyone trying to find them and have to leave. It is only at the end they return as finally Frances’ father returns home.


It’s such a beautiful film that it’s nearness to the truth does not matter. The two leads are brilliant. Florence’s dialect is spot on and Elizabeth is really sweet as Frances, especially when she meets the war damaged colonel (Anton Lesser). Florence plays Elsie with immense maturity that she shows throughout her career.

The Governess

When the father of privileged Rosina da Silva (Miine Driver) violently dies, she decides to pass herself off as a gentile and finds employment with a family in faraway Scotland. Soon she and the family father, Charles (Geoffrey Rush) start a passionate secret affair.                 Also starring Harriet Walter and Jonathan Rhys Meyers.                           (Synopsis stolen from

Florence plays Clementina, the daughter of Sir Charles and in the charge of Miss Blackchurch (Rosa under an assumed name) She is a very morbid child practically ignored by her family and promptly brough into shap by Rosa. Once again playing an upper class child who is all innocence and light Florence was really on form in this otherwise less than sparkling film.

Tom's Midnight Garden
Tom's brother is unwell and to stop Tom catching the Scarlet fever he is sent to stay with his aunt and uncle who live in a house which used to be huge before it was turned into flats. Tom wakes up in the middle of the night. Hears the clock strike midnight and then one more. suddenly the whole house has changed and there are people and a garden. The people can't see him - except for Hattie. She's a young girl who spends a lot of time in the garden.
Florence plays Hattie and gives one of the best performances of this adaptation. It's pretty but not as enchanting as the book (or the play). Florence is suitably cute but adventurous and the part doesn't require much strain - not considering the parts she played when she was much younger.


The Cazalet Chronicles
The story is about all the different generations of the Cazalet Family during pre and during World War Two. The Cazalet family, headed by Kitty and The Brig have three sons and two daughters. All the sons have families of their own. So many of the family members take shelter in the country house rather than stay in London.
Florence plays Clary Cazalet. Eldest child of Rupert Cazalet (Paul Rhys). Rupert is the youngest of the Cazalet brothers and his wife (Clary's mother) has died. Rupe has re married Zoe (Joanna Page) who is a funny girl - not yet suited to taking over the mothering of Zoe or Neville (wonderfully played by Alex Pownall)
When we first meet Clary she is a difficult child battling with Zoe for her father's attention. She doesn't get on with her other cousins Polly and Louise. They think she is childish and she's not keen on them. As the story elapses, she grows up, still wanting to be a writer, but being more and more effected by the reality of war when her Darling Dad is missing in France. She looses all hatred for Zoe, even helping with the new baby and grows into a mature responsible young woman.
The story supposedly goes over ten years. So Florence has to portray the character growing up in stages throught episodes, and with the help of subtle costume and make up changes and of course acting skills. Clary starts off as a child and she really does blossom - one of the 'growing up scenes' occurs aound her first scones!
This is a really good character portrayal and you can really see what makes Clary tick. The whole production is worth watching.

Back to the Secret Garden 
"The sequel to The Secret Garden."
Lizzy Buscami is an american orphan who is chosen by the now grown up Mary Craven to come back to Mistlethwaite manor in England for a year.
Mistlethwaite has been turned into an orphange - for the kids made orphans during the war.
Among the orphans are book worm Robert (Aled Roberts) Steven(Justin Girdler) and compulsive liar and manipulator Geraldine (Florence Hoath)
A great role for Florence. She's so good at being charming but actually feeling completely different. Geraldine lies her way round corners! The film isn't exactly brilliant - especially if you know the actual secret garden films then you'll be shouting at the screen, However, if you seperate it completely from The Secret Garden is a charming little unoffensive number.


Dr Who


The Doctor and Rose have reached Britain and it's World War Two. There's a strange unexploded thing and a strange but attractive American! What adventure will they have?



Florence played Nancy an East End plaited hair gal looking after the waifs and stray orphans of world war two. Wen dey iz droppin na bombs on landan!!!

The whole plot is about gross mutating particals that go round ‘curing’ humans but actually the just turn them into gas masked zombies types. And Nancy is the key to the whole thing!


I’ve never seen Florence play a cockney. It’s either been Yorkshire accent or RP so it’s good to hear her vocally different. The poor girl must be sick of pigtails though. She’s the same age as Billie Piper and yet put togther the age difference looked vast, which actually is another key ploy point!!


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