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Florence Hoath
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Name: Florence Hoath

Dob: 12/07/1984

Age now: 22


Florence started acting at a very early age, with performances in such films as secret rapture and innocent lies. Following this she played one of the juvenile leads in The Haunting of Helen Walker. She had a string of roles including another lead role in Fairytale and Tom’s midnight garden. Her move from child to teen actor came in the role of Clary in the Cazalet Chronicles where her character ahed over a stretch of 10 years. Most recently she was girl guide Pamela Reeves in Miss Marple and  in the new Dr Who on BBC1.

Florence's Agent

1st Floor, 37 Berwick Street, London W1F 8RS
Telephone: 020-7734 9633 / 020-8981 5057 (H)
Fax: 020-7439 7569

Florence's credits


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