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Written by Simon Nye (Men Behving Badly, Beast) Hardware's first series was ultimately more funny than the second one. The show revolves around Mike (Martin Freeman) and his girlfriend Anne (Susan Earl). Mike works in Hamways Hardware shop with his best mate Kenny (Peter Serafinowicz) the owner Rex (Ken Morely), and the student! Steve (Ryan Cartwright). Next door Anne works in the café with her friend Julie (Ella Kenion). And the everyday life of the Hardware store owner is a funny one...

Ryans very funny. Comedy is his forté.  He seems to be in his element with a clever and funny script (first series especially.) His cute dancing (series two) and his geeky eagerness to talk about uni life are very appealing. He represents Students well, we are quite like him really! He seems to work quite hard though! STUDENT!!



This starred Tom Conti as Donovan a retired pathologist is called back to work when his name is found written in blood on the wall at the scene of a murder. He believes he's killed his wife's (Samantha Bond) lover in the black outs he'd been experiencing.

Ryan is his teenage son, Seth. He caught his Dad unconscious on film and also tries to take the blame for the murders he assumes his Dad has committed.

Filmed in Manchester this drama had a good ending, but will probably not be released on DVD, which is a shame because its the only serious role I've seen Ryan play and he plays it to his best ability. It's great to see talent developing and he certainly has lots of it. If he wants to keep at the serious drama he needs a little more developement.

eventually, they turned this into a series and for some reason never aired the last episode. Ryan gets more character developent and in a not so subtle twist joins the team his dad's in charge of.

He gets to flirt a lot too and also wear penguin underpants! And that's 'serious drama' for you 

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