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Millie -review
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Complex non linear drama starring Eddie Izzard, Kerry Fox, Hugo Spear and Mark Benton.
40 concerns a school reunion of classmates who have grown up most with intense sexual and emotional issues. The drama was intelligent and didn't allow your attention waver. It's was cleverly shot with scenes repeating elsewhere in the drama from a different angle giving the whole plot a new spin.
Millie plays Katy the sister of a nymphomaniac 15 year old, a sexually perverse father and a mother who seems far too unemotionally involved with her. So it's not fun and games. Katy has a strong bond with her Dad and when him and her Mum argue she takes his side as she doesn't actually know what he's up to. She plays it very well, there's not much of her in it but she gets across her immense heartbreak at not having a normal family

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