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Charlotte - reviews
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The Whistle Blower
Laura Tracey (Amanda Burton)  works a bank who are involved in some very serious criminal dealings. So serious the CIA and M15 are investigating and with Laura's help they can put an end to it and imprison the owners.
But can Laura uproot her husband Dominic (Neil Pearson) and children Sasha and Daniel (Charlotte Salt and Liam Ness) from their ordinary lives and blow the whistle on the baddies.
Also starring Bill Paterson, Penelope Wilton, Emma Cunniffe, Richard Johnson and Virginia McKenna.
This is a pretty good drama. A great cast (unless you are an Amanda Burton hater)
The stories pretty good and the pace is quick, Neil Pearson is as brilliant as ever.
In one of her earliest roles Charlotte gives an excellent performance.
Most teenage characters in drama's utter a few linesand either run away from home or sulk. Sasha does both, however a substantial part of the plot is dedicated to her and the TYA thanks Patrick Harbinson (writer) for it.
The show proves Charlotte to be a very talented actress with a range beyond sulky and stroppy. Her scenes near the end of the show are heartbreaking. Definatley the best show Charlotte has done and should aim for more projects like this.


Born and Bred


An undemanding Sunday night drama about a 1950’s village Doctor and it’s other odd inhabitants. The Gilder Family move from Manchester to be with Arthur Gilder (James Bolam) and the other Dr Gilder (Michael French) considers joining the surgery.


Charlotte’s character is the token teenager of the piece; she falls in love as soon as getting there…as all girls do. It’s a very unrewarding part – she gets a few lines each episode. This however improved as time went on and just when you thought the writers were going to fall back on the character of Helen and give her a decent storyline, Charlotte quit the show… hopefully to move onto something more rewarding.

Inspector Lynley

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