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Charlotte Salt
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Name: Charlotte Salt

Dob: 12th August 1985


Charlotte’s first performance was as Teenage Laura in In a Land of Plenty in 2001.  She followed this with The Whistle blower as Sasha, the distraught teenager of Amanda Burton and Neil Pearson. After this a part in an episode of Inspector Lynley was followed by a recurring role in Born and Bred as Helen Guilder. Since she left that show she’s been over to America to suss out the market over there. She has been in 'CSI' 'Wildfire' and 'Entourage' A trailer for her movie Beneath Still Waters can be seen here


Charlotte's Agent


13 Radnor Walk, London SW3 4BP
Telephone: 020-7352 2200
Fax: 020-7352 2277

Charlotte's credits


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