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 I am David
Is a novel which was adapted by Anne Holm for Radio 4. It's about a boy in a concentration camp and how he comes to escape. All he knows is that his name is David and he might be 10 but he doesn't know. It tracks his emotion journey to many different places some under Nazi govern and how he prays to a God, he's not sure which, ending his prayers with  'I am David'
A really brilliant vocal performance from Rory, and he was the best thing in it. The other performers were'nt great. When I heard it, it was over two days and it was for a uni project but i'm really glad i heard it. It was a very emotional story.


tells the story of a young, feisty Tooth Fairy, who lives in a world called Fairytopia that has lost its ablity to use magic. Fed up with the way most fairies have forgotten about magic, she decides to give away all of its money and bankrupt her world, two days before Xmas.

When TOOTH realises how much trouble she is in, she realises the only person who can help is the legendary Mrs Santa Claus, who disappeared, along with magic over 100 years ago.

Teaming up with two human children and a number of fairies, who are living incognito amongst humans she sets off on the adventure of a lifetime. Pursued by the evil Plug, a terrifying fairy hunter and his posse, the race is on to save the world before Christmas, Easter and all the holidays are ruined for ever.


I don’t get one major thing about this film, why is the cast all british and yet they have American accents. It’s not even essential to the plot for it to be set anywhere, it could be set in Norway for all the importance. It just doesn’t make sense.


Apart from the Anglo/American thing it’s an ok film, more suited to the little children rather than the older ones.


Rory plays Tom one of the two that encounter Tooth. It’s a different role for him, imaginative and fun, less intense. You really have to go with a lot of what happens in the film and he does, maybe because he’s only young or maybe because he knows he’s way above this film (He worked with Pinter for goodness sake)

Goodbye Mr Chips

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