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Feather Boy


Tom and Thomas


When I first saw Tom and Thomas I was very confused. It’s about twins who don’t know their twins (that old chestnut) I only saw bits of it and Aaron was talking in a really odd accent. I thought at first he was an American actor trying to be british (sean bean’s his dad) but then I realised it was cockney! One, (either Tom or Thomas) is cockney and the other one isn’t… I think! It was quite long ago I saw it, and even then I got quite confused whilst explaining it.



Aaron is well sweet. It was the first thing I’d seen him in and he made me find out who he was. Playing your twin must be the ultimate thing to do as an actor and he did it right at the start of his career! Lucky lad!


It isn’t a very well known film, sky movies show it every three months or something, but look out for it. It has some quite sweet moments (and Sean Bean!)

The Thief Lord

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