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Jack - filmog
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Jack's filmography

David in The Glow (Glory Films)
Ned in Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (Clerkenwell films)
Peter in The Railway Children (Carlton Film Productions)

Harold / Ricky Genie in the House

Callum in Best Friends                

Noah in Noah and Saskia
Tim in There’s a Viking in My Bed
Dylan in Half-Life (BBC TV)
Danny in Microsoap (BBC TV)
Kyle in Reach for the Moon (LWT Series)
Ron in Start Now (NC Grivas Productions)
Peter in Hello! (NC Grivas Productions)
Callum in Best Friends (Citv)


James in The Ghost of Thomas Kempe (First Writes/Radio 4)
Narrator in The Hoobs (Jim Henson Productions)
Spot in Spots’s Bedtime Stories (Penguin/3T Prod)
Philip in Teddy Robinson (Penguin Audio Books)
Charlie in
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory & Charlie and the
Great Glass Elevator (Penguin Audio Books)
Mansfield Park (Radio 4)


Peter Pan in Peter Pan (Savoy)
Young Frederic/Pirate in The Pirates of Penzance (Savoy)
Jan in The Prisioner’s Dilemma (RSC Barbican)

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