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Lee Ingleby

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Name: Lee Ingleby

Dob: 28 January 1976

Age: 31

He studied at (LAMDA) and while he was there he got a part in Soldier, Soldier 1998 saw him play plenty of roles in a variety of shows from The Bill to Ever After, with Drew Barrymore. He played many roles in 1999 too but then he got his first lead in the superb drama 'Nature Boy' The year after saw him as Smike in a wonderful adaptation of Nicholas Nickleby. He appeared briefly in the third Harry Potter movie and also played the role of Midshipman Hollom in Master and Commander. He is about to star as Bernhard in The Headsman but he has never forgotten his tv routes with parts in Spaced, No Angels and Hustle. Most recently he has played a part in acclaimed drama 'Life on Mars' and as a wonderful 'Moley' in 'Wind in the Willows'

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