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Nature Boy
David Witton is in a foster home, but he yearns to find his real dad and maybe live with him. Along his scary and life changing journey he meets many different people. Some change his life some have their lives changed by him. For example in episode two he stays in the shed of a garden belonging to Martha Tyler (Lesley Sharp) her son won't talk because of the awful marriage going on around him. David manages to coax the boy into talking and also inadvertantly helps the marriage to sort itself out.
In Newcastle he meets Jenny, and falls in love. She becomes an conservationalist and he goes to find her, the whole event leads to Jenny in hospital on life support.. In the last episode David heads to the south to find his father and in the course finds other relatives and realises he should be living for Jenny and not his Dad.
Also starring Mark Benton, Paul McGann and Joanne Froggatt
Lee is amazing, yes he's much older than the 16 he's supposed to be, but when the school scenes finish you can forget that detail. He's amazingly still actor. He's brilliant considering he has to work with millions of animals and he really looks like he knows how to live and survive in the country. this is his best work todate and it's a bench mark for the rest of his career.

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