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Diamond Geezer
Des (david Jason) is a doddering old fool more concerned with the colour of the tea he serves in the prison than anything else, or is he? Is he a mastermind criminal who "Wouldn't mind giving up three years of his life for a million quid" His newly appointment partner in crime is cheeks cockney Phil, who got involved through his own fault!
Thier comic capers see them breaking out of prison, hiding in the boot of a car, breaking back into jail... All preposterously ridiculous.
Poor Stephen, he is so talented and this show was so awful, and the so-called twist of the whole damn thing was just reaching into the banal and shouting 'unoriginality, free for all.'
Sadly 3 more episodes were commsioned and broadcast. Stephen appeared in the first. I am yet to watch it yet for reasons written above.


I don't really understand this program. It's like a sexy supernatural thriller with demons and ghosts and stuff but after only seeing one episode I couldn't possibly judge.
Stephen is in two episodes. The picture is from series one episode two. He plays felix who from the little that's actually said in the show fancies the main character and is a bit of a film geek. Screen time about 4 minutes.

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