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The Magician’s House and Magician's House 2


This was the last of the good Sunday Teatime dramas on the BBC. Steven's character William Constant along with his sister Alice (Olivia Coles) and their cousin Mary (Katie Stuart) have adventures that span many centuries at Golden house, somewhere in Wales.


In series 2 Golden Valley is under threat from Matthew Morden’s descendants who wish to build a theme park at Golden Water. Can the children with the Magician help save Golden Valley once more?


both series were 6x30 minute episodes, shot in Canada and apart from the three juvenile leads starred Ian Richardson, Neil Pearson and Sian Phillips and the voices of Stephen Fry and Jennifer Saunders. The show was adapted by William Corlett from his own books.


In series 1 Steven was sporting lovely blonde curtains (as did everyone born between ’81 and ’86 when they turned 14!) and kept on about a computer game (made up names always sound terrible in scripts.) But it was obvious he had talent and was very photogenic, as well as breaking several young girls’ hearts when he appeared in teen magazines!

But one thing was for certain, he showed promise.


In The Magician’s house 2 is that viewers are able to see how the young actors have matured in a year. Gone are those blonde curtains and the awful shirt and in their place a new more mature William with a deeper voice and skinnier physique. But also Steven has grown into his character with more depth and emotion. William has grown up too and Steven handles it well, he’s more subtle letting us know he’s thinking without having to work too hard. 

All in all a very good performance and Steven was showing he is a very capable actor.ith Ian Richardson show he’s not daunted by working with ‘big names’ and Steven allows you to see Will trying to deal with all the science behind the plot of The Magicians House.

Holby City


Loving You  2003 

ITV drama Adapted from the novel 'Trust' by Margaret Leroy,

Warning Spoilers….


'Loving you' is all about Trust and Love. Chloe (Niamh cusack) is a teacher who falls in love with Educational Psychologist Dan (Douglas Henshall) Dan is work assessing a child called Carly Smithson. One day the police arrive at Chloe's home and arrest Dan for abusing Carly. The idea for the rest of the drama is that Chloe tries to discover whether the allegations against Dan are true and can she really trust him?


This show made me really angry. First of all Steven was billed about sixth in the Radio Times so I watched it thinking we were going to get at least a decent amount screen time.


Did the writer/adapter of the show Matthew Hall think he was being clever – "a tall man with light hair" was the described abuser and because ‘Justin’ had never spoken noone would think it was him? Absolute rubbish. It is not normal for a lad of 16 to be sent out of a classroom and not say anything and it was because of this abnormality that I was immediately drawn to him as a suspect. Therefore the man with fair hair (or in this case bleach blonde) was obviously Justin. Also the total downfall of not letting him speak at all was the conclusion was so unsatisfactory that I turned off feeling a sense of despair.


It is a book I would quite like to read, and see how they refer to Justin. It may be that the author only fleetingly mentions him and this became difficult for the writer. Not the greatest drama that ITV have made. But not the worst either. (unfortunately) And as for Steven, he could do that kind of work in his sleep, he was hardly challenged

Inspector Lynley

The Trestle at Pope Lick Creek


Kes - Manchester Royal Excahange 2004

Billy Casper (Andrew Garfield) is an odd boy, his older brother bullies him rotten and his mother doesn’t really care. He has no one to love and no one to love him. Until he finds Kes, a baby kestrel who he takes from a nest – he rears it and flies her regularly. She’s not tame – she doesn’t love him but she’s something he can dedicate his life to. There is one teacher at his awful school – full of bullies (teachers and pupils alike) – that wants to hear the story of Kes. And so he tells it.


This was an awesome production – The Royal Exchange is theatre in the round and if you sit on the front seats you are practically in the play. Andrew Garfield who played Billy was excellent but we’re meant to focus on Steven!


He played MacDowall – a nasty bully who picks on Billy and the two of them have extremely violent fights. Steven played the character really well – though it wasn’t nice to see him as such a horrible character. When you act in theatre in the round all the time you are on stage you are on view - you have to act all the time. Steven never broke character he was always doing his hair or giving people the evil eye. Really excellent performance. If you saw it you’ll know what I mean. If you missed it, you missed out.

Mr Harvey Lights a Candle (plus Gallery)

On the Shore of the Wide World

The History Boys

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