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Teachers was a channel four drama which started in 2001. It starred Andrew Lincoln, Nina Sosanya, Adrian Bower and Navin Chowdhry


Simon Casey is a teacher in a secondary school. Trouble is he’s no more mature than the teenagers he teachs.


James played Jeremy. The only student in Simon’s class that actually want to get on and learn things! He's really funny without knowing it and usually tells Simon what he's supposed to be teaching. A great little role!



Cruise of the Gods


This was about an out of work actor – who was famous years ago for being the star of children of castor. His co star – happens to be very successful. The only work available for – is to make an appearance on a cruise for the children of castor fan club. He agrees (when he finds out he gets a deluxe sweet on board) the organiser – (David Walliams) pretends he’s on a higher plain that the other fans and the group treasurer Russell likes to be very close to --.


This is a great show. Being a Coogan / Brydon fan I was bound to love it. It totally encapsulates how fans of ‘cult’ shows can be. One fan has written his own episodes, one has original props from the film and they all know all the words to the prologue of the show!


James plays Russell, the twenty year old who appears to just be another sad children of castor fan, he turns out to be much more. In fact the big reveal of the film surrounds him. He plays the role with great empathy, especially at the end. It’s great to see him with Coogan and Brydon and he has a nice little double act with Walliams, a friendship which saw Corden have a cameo in Walliams and Matt Lucas’ show Little Britain.

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