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The Lost Prince
The Lost Prince was written and Directed by Stephen Poliakoff. It is about the English Royal family teetering on the brink of world war one told entirely from a child's view. That child is Johnnie the youngest son of George (Tom Hollander) and Mary (Miranda Richardson). Johnnie is a sickly child who often has epilectic fits, after it becomes obvious he will not be able to appear publicly he is hidden away in a cottage with his devoted Nanny Lalla (Gina McKee), his own servants and his imapatient school treacher (John Sessions). While the world embarks on war Johnnie is coping with his terribly short life.
Also starring Michael Gambon, Ron Cook, Bibi Anderson, Matthew Thomas and Daniel Willaims.
Rollo plays Older Prince George (younger Pringe George is played by Brock Everitt-Elwick) an older brother of Johnnie and the child closest in age to him and the one portrayed in the show as the brother who spends some of his time with Johnnie.
Rollo is at his best playing posh - a typical repressed prince. Afraid of his father and too isolated from his mother. He does, however have a fun relationship with the King's advisor Stamfordham (Bill Nighy) and is passionate in his persuit to get out of naval college (some slightly upsetting scenes of his abstract unhappiness there.)

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