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Rollo Weeks
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Name: Rollo Weeks

Dob: 20th March 1987

Age now: 20


20 year old Rollo seems to be from an acting family. Both sisters Honeysuckle and Perdita have sterling CV's. Honeysuckle is fast becoming a household favourite. Rollo too has had his fair share of starring roles. Berkley Square in 1998 was a successful BBC drama and then came The Little Vampire. Then he played the young Atilla in 'Atilla' after that came the beautiful drama The Lost Prince and then playing Frans and Wryn in Girl with a Pearl Earring and George and the Dragon respectively. He is currently filming The Queen of Sheba's Pearls due our in 2004 and Thief Lord (2005) as Scipio.


Rollo's Agent
4 Great Portland Street, London W1W 8PA
Telephone: 020-7436 6400
Fax: 020-7436 6700

Rollo's credits


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