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Eddie - reviews
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DCI Red Metcalfe is disturbed, well he is a British police officer. Something in his past is haunting him, and he's having trouble with DI Warren who has lots of family problems. Suddenly men are getting killed in a seemingly random pattern, however when Red discovers that they men have the same names as Jesus' deciples and are killed in the way the diciples died, things take a harrowing turn.
Messiah 2
Someone appears to be correcting every mistake the police have made in the last ten years by murdering the actual killer who slipped through the grasp of the police. Things had settled down in the lives of Red, Duncan and co. However these murders started to stir things up again, Duncan however, seems to be too concerned with a stubborn young lady called Anna Marchent
Eddie plays Sam Warren, son of Duncan and one of the reason's his work life is faulty, either his ex wife won't let him see Sam, or something happens when is supposed to see Sam.
Eddie isn't in Messiah very much but has a bigger part in Messiah 2. He actually is in the climax of that show.
He plays disgruntled kid well, you know the type that is sick of their Dad's messing about and want a bit of stability, so when he meets Anna he isn't overly hostile, the relationship between him and Duncan is very believable.
Unfortunatley the part of Sam was cut for Messiah 3 and 4, so Eddie didn't get to reprise his role again.

Goodbye Mr Chips

Carrie's War
Carrie (Keeley Fawcett) and her brother Nick (Jack Stanley) are evacuated in world war two. They are sent to a small village in wales to stay with Mr Evans (Alun Armstrong) and his sister Louisa (Lesley Sharp). They meet all number of strange characters and help to sort the adults lives out, however Carrie is haunted by a skull in the library...
also starring Pauline Quirke, Geraldine McEwan and Annabelle Apsion.
Eddie plays Albert Sandwich, who carries a torch for Carrie, but as is as usual in these story their romance is thwarted by various incidents and misunderstandings. Eddie is very sweet in the show, you do want him and Carrie to fall in love, but Carrie has more important things to sort out - like her aunt. The ending is sweet though as with many child stars Eddie is not grown up Albert, so Eddie never really gets a resolution.

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