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Eddie Cooper
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Very Little is known about Eddie Cooper, including his age and date of birth. He could be anything from 15-19, as child actors often play younger than they are. His career seems to have started in 2000 with parts in Love, Honour and Obey Seven Days to Live. Then he appeared as Neil Dudgeon's son Sam in Messiah. After he recieved a leading role in Oscar Charlie a CBBC show. A reprise of his role as Sam came in Messiah 2 (2003) before that he had a small part in the ITV remake of Goodbye Mr Chips. Most recently he was Albert Sandwich in Carrie's War. But there doesn't seem to be any information about him anywhere else.

Eddie's Agent

Rossmore Personal Management


+44 020 7258 1953


+44 020 7258 0124


Rossmore Road, London, NW1 6NJ, UK

Eddie's credits


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