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Real Men


DI Matthew Fenton (Ben Daniels) is a police officer working on the case of a boy who went missing a few years ago. During his investigations he uncovers a whole web of lies, deceit and child abuse in and around several care homes.

Russell Wade (Harry Eden) is taken into one of these car homes and – has to win his trust to speak out against the very people who are employed to look after him.


Harry is astounding in this hard-hitting drama. For a 12 year old to find much depth within himself is superb. This really is an excellent drama debut for him.

Peter Pan
Retelling of J.M Barrie's Peter Pan which reverts to it's darker roots. Starring Jason Isaacs, Olivia Williams, Rachel Hurd Wood and Jeremy Sumpter in the title role.
Harry plays Nibs. One of the lost boys who frankly are the best thing in this film. They get the most laughs and are an enjoyable crew to watch. Harry still plays with emotional depth showing that maybe he's not best suited to light hearted childrens films

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