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The Biz

“We all want it bad enough and there’s nothing we wont do!!”


Markov’s school where the pupils highs and lows were all part of the plot in this CBBC drama that started in 1994 and had avid viewers for several series.


Andrew played Leo. If my memory serves he was a drummer? But everyone was overshadowed by Paul Nicholls’ rocket to stardom that everyone else seemed to pale into insignificance.


News Years Day
Steven (Bobby Barry) is rich with posh parents. Jake (Andrew Lee Potts) is poor with a depressed Mum. The two boys escape their own worlds by talking computer talk and being quite odd!
Their class at school go on a ski trip and are all killed in an avalanche, except Steven and Jake. Even their teacher (Ralph Brown also the writer) who spends time in intensive care - doesn't make it.
The boys are counciled at school (by Marianne Jean-Baptiste) but together they forl a suicide pact. The next New Years day they would throw themselves off a cliff after performing another of seemingly random tasks. But each have their own troubles and their own secrets.
This is a good film, despite what some critics say - If you're an angry teen you know what Jake and Stephen are going through. Andrew's realism comes into play in a big way and it deserves more than to be brushed off by critics.
Andrew breaks your heart several times when he's brought back to the real world and still has Stephen trying to whisk him in to the fantasy he's living.
Supporting performances from Michael Kitchen, Anastasia Hille and Sue Johnston allows both Andrew and Bobby Barry to shine.

Rose and Maloney


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