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Conor Macneill
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Conor is 18 years old, and from Ireland. He started acting in 2002. He can speak fluent Irish and is trained on the flute and tin whistle, he has also completed a workshop in Stanislavski's method. Anyone who has come in contact with 'the method' will sympathise!
"Conor MacNeill's open-faced Rikki is a heartening example of one of life's survivors who has learnt about need and desire through his adopted parents."
             's review of 'massage'
Conor is also a keen writer and director and has worked on several projects and plans on carrying on in this field. "Brand Name" will be Conor's first short film and the first piece of screenwriting he will put into production and his first attempt at directing on his own.
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Conor's Agent
AM:PM the actor's agency
S2 Central park
33 Alfred street

Tel: +44 (0)28 90 235 568

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