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Rory J - review
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Dr Who - the Idiot's lantern
The Doctor and Rose land in Post War Britain, everyone is preparing for the Queen's coronation by buying televisions which have a little more sinister to them than 'muffin the mule'
Rory plays Tommy, son of Eddie Connolly. the people of Britain are beign affected by something which leaves them facesless before they are carried off by the police. the Doctor and Rose help him get to the bottom of it all and find his Gran who has suffered this fate too. They also help to repair the relationship between bully father and son.
Rory is fab! it's a really good episode (written by League of Gentleman's Mark Gatiss) also starring the brilliant Ron Cook and Jamie Foreman. You can't really ask for a better analagy of the TV stealing your soul!
Tom's Midnight Garden
Tom's brother is unwell and to stop Tom catching the Scarlet fever he is sent to stay with his aunt and uncle who live in a house which used to be huge before it was turned into flats. Tom wakes up in the middle of the night. Hears the clock strike midnight and then one more. suddenly the whole house has changed and there are people and a garden. The people can't see him - except for Hattie. She's a young girl who spends a lot of time in the garden.
Rory is James, one of Hattie's brothers and the only one who is really nice to her. A brief performance from Rory in a film that's often on at christmas time. Older James is played by Noah Huntley
Randall and Hopkirk (deceased) - Best Years of your Death
Rory stars in an episode playing Jeanie (Emilia Fox)'s nephew who has undergone a dramatic change thanks to his boarding school. The school appears to be run with an iron fist by the matron, but it's all more creepy than that!!
this is the first series of a show that sadly only ran for two. I can't remember if it was well recieved by the press but i really liked it. I don't know if it only ran to two series becasue of the principal actors or the BBC but I used to enjoy it.
Rory plays a very sweet Daniel Gill who is somewhat tortured by others boys, mainly prefects who serve under a bumbling headmaster and superior Matron! It is Daniel who sounds the alarm and gets Randall and Hopkirk involved in the mystery.
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