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Thomas Sangster
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Name: Thomas Sangster

Dob: 16th May 1990

(much more up to date pictures at his agents page)


Thomas' debut came in the shape of TV drama
station Jim in which he played a cute orphan. he did some work in America next "Bobbie's Girl" and "the miracle of cards." He then took the lead in Stig of the Dump a BBC adaptation. His first feature film was Love actually, Richard Curtis' Christmas pleaser. He then took the lead of another Childrens' drama Feather Boy in which he played Robert Nobel (or Norbet No bottle) He can be seen in Nanny McPhee, with two Love Actually actors Emma Thompson and Colin Firth.
He can be seen in the Disney channels 'Phileas and Ferm' and will join Doctor Who history in 2 episdoes of series 3.

Thomas' Agent

Marcus & McCrimmon Management


+44 (0) 20 8347 0007


+44 (0) 20 8347 0006



Thomas' credits


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