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On The Shore of The Wide World

The History Boys

                         The Ruby in the Smoke
Victorian teenager Sally Lockhart recieves a mysterious message which leads her on a journey of exploration and danger on the mean streets of London, surrounding her father and a famous ruby.
The book was written by Phillip Pullman and was adapted by Adrain Hodges and directed by Brian Percival. It starred Billie Piper, Julie Walters, J.J Field and Robert Glenister
Matt played Jim, a cockney office boy at Lockhart and Selby shipping firm. He swears to look after Sally and assists her in her adventure. He also acted as a narrator for the story. Matt plays Jim as such a good hearted well meaning lad that it's difficult to find dault with him. His concern for the young girl Adelaide is so moving and his loyalty to Sally and the rest of the gang is second to none.
The show receieved a fair bit of criticism with regards to the complexity or absurdity of the plot, having not read the book i cannot say if it lost anything in translation but in its defence I followed the story completely as did everyone else I have spoken to. The performances were not overdone which is a refreshing change and the drama pitched just right for it's 8pm (ish) slot. I can't wait for the next one, especially if Jim's in that one too!


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