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On The Shore of the Wide World



Billy Casper (Andrew Garfield) is an odd boy, his older brother bullies him rotten and his mother doesn’t really care. He has no one to love and no one to love him. Until he finds Kes, a baby kestrel who he takes from a nest – he rears it and flies her regularly. She’s not tame – she doesn’t love him but she’s something he can dedicate his life to. There is one teacher at his awful school – full of bullies (teachers and pupils alike) – that wants to hear the story of Kes. And so he tells it.


This was an awesome production – The Royal Exchange is theatre in the round and if you sit on the front seats you are practically in the play. 


Thomas played 'Tibbut' a member of class who listens to Billy's story. He's not a bully like MacDowall, but he's one of the gang. He has a very scene where he MacDowall and another boy are talking about an opera company are coming to the school! Thomas's part (like the other boys apart from MacD. and Billy) is more for a school ensemble effect. However he gave a faultless performance, which the director obviously liked as he was next cast at the exchange in a lead role.

The History Boys

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