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Girls in Love

Julia Jeckle and Harriet Hyde


This was a fantastic CBBC show that was on when i was about 10! Julia Jeckle is a science whizz but one day she drank her own potion and she turns into the big hairy monster 'Harriet Hyde' and with the help of her friend Edward Knickers (Guy Edwards / Steven Webb) they have all sorts of adventures and try to avoid Mr Blister and the blister sisters.


Mad cap is the name for this show, though i remember loving it! Olivia (from what i can remember) was spot on as geeky Julia always making green or blue coloured liquid potion that had smoke coming off them! Marvellous


Sugar Rush


Sugar Rush is adapted from Julie Birchill's novel of the same name. The title refers to 'Sugar' a teenage girl with attitude who's friend Kim, the narrator is madly in love with.

and as Kim says in the show 'i a 15 year old queer virgin' life's not all ha ha he he.


The show was advertised as daring and shocking, becasue it was about teenagers and gay sex. It isn't. It's barely less shocking than grange hill. Change a few words and one scene of a sexual nature and the show was as tame as byker grove.


Olivia and Leonora must be sick of doing almost the same scenes every episode. (i mean i have given up watching it now about 6 episodes in) it's going to go on for quite a few more episodes. i mean, it could almost be the show on CITV that's on last and meant for older kids. it's just not groundbreaker and or shocking.

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