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Adam - reviews
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Andy Hamilton 'Bedtime' is set in real time - between 3 houses. In one Alice and Andrew (Timothy West and Shelia Hancock) are a couple in the autumn of their years. Faith and Simon (Doon Mackichan and Kevin McNally) are a couple who seem to be running out of time. Finally Father and Son Neil and Ralph Hanshaw (Alun Armstrong and Adam Paul Harvey) battle the age and generation barrier to try and communicate.
It's a cracking show with a supporting cast of James Bolam and Sienna Miller it's well observed - written and acted.
Adam is excellent as the confused teenager Ralph. Embarassed by his Dad and pressured by his girlfriend.
Although this is a comedy drama there are many dark moments that usually surround Ralph and Neil. Adam handles them in a mature and believable fashion. It's a really great show and he's really great in it.


Where the Heart is

Girls in Love


The Bill
Adam played Andy a student who was a small time drug dealer. however, his flat mate, the seemingly clean Tom. Was actually in cahoots with their landlrd who had a huge stash of canabis plants in their cellar!
I love to see Adam as a grungy student, it really suits him. The Bill is one of the credits that a lot of actors clock up. Adam and Simon Delaney (Tom) were really good. Shame they're only in one episode

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